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Books for River Runners

Larry Stevens–River Map and Guide

Larry Stevens recently released his updated guide to The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  The guide is in full color and includes a map of the river similar to the Belknap River Guide.  River miles in the book correspond to the most recent USGS-GCMRC measurements.  Rapid ratings are based

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Bass Camp

Bass Camp and Trail

William Wallace Bass moved to the Grand Canyon in 1883.  He moved from the East for health reasons and rumors of Gold brought him into the Grand Canyon.  When the rumors turned out to be false he turned to the tourist industry.  He set up a camp at Havasupai Point on

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CPAP Grand Canyon Rafting
Colorado River Rafting

Water Education 101 – Grand Canyon Seeps and Springs

Did you ever stop to think, really think, about the relationship of people to water? In the beginnings of human history, people searched for water and migrated to it. They probably respected seeps and springs as sacred places, because they were life-giving and life-saving. Once we learned to harness water

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Cataract Canyon

Colorado River Flows

River Flow is an important things to know before going on a river trip.  In 2014 the Grand Canyon has seen some relatively low flows.  April and May had fluctuations between 5,500 cfs and 11,000 cfs, with the weekends, especially Sunday releases being much lower.  This is because the river

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Cataract Canyon

Canyonlands by John Wesley Powell

As we all know JW Powell had a way with words and his descriptions of the Grand Canyon have rarely been equalled.  Having just finished a Spring rafting trip in Canyonlands National Park we had to share Powell’s diary entry from July 17, 1869.  This entry includes the last 40

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Got Milkweed?

The monarch butterfly migration is one of nature’s most wondrous events. Millions of monarchs travel from as far north as Canada to gather each winter in a forested mountain range of Michoacan, Mexico, now a World Biosphere Reserve. Sadly, without milkweed to eat along the route, the incredible long-distance monarch

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Cataract Canyon

Geologist Wayne Ranney to Host Canyonlands National Park River Trip

Wayne Ranney, world famous geologist, author, and interpreter will be hosting a rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Canyonlands National Park.  The trip dates are May 2-11 and include a 7 day rafting trip along the Green and Colorado Rivers and through Cataract Canyon.  There will also be

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Second Annual Rafting Photo Contest Set To Launch

Licensed Grand Canyon rafting concessionaire Colorado River & Trail Expeditions(CRATE) will be launching their second annual photo contest.  In addition to the photo contest there will also be a video contest.  The contest will launch on Monday March 31, 2014 and conclude on November 30, 2014 at midnight.  There will

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Cataract Canyon

Colorado River Rafting in Canyonlands National Park

Before the Colorado River enters Lake Powell and above the Grand Canyon is Cataract Canyon.  Cataract Canyon is located in southeastern Utah and is a part of Canyonlands National Park.  This section of Colorado River rafting is famous for its incredible rapids and stunning scenery.  The area is a landscape

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River Story

Celebrating Valentine Day with Stories of River Romance

The idea of starting a river rafting business was born in the hearts of Vicki Woodruff and Dave Mackay after they met on a Grand Canyon river trip in 1968. Vicki and her friend, Lucy, hiked down the Kaibab Trail on the morning of August 10, 1968, to join a

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Grand Canyon Vacation

Announcing Availability on May Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Vacations

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions has announced availability on two May Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Vacations.  The trips are scheduled for May 10-12 and May 22-24, 2014 and are all-inclusive from Las Vegas, NV.  The trips include two days of whitewater rafting and one day at a working ranch.  “May is

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