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Larry Stevens recently released his updated guide to The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  The guide is in full color and includes a map of the river similar to the Belknap River Guide.  River miles in the book correspond to the most recent USGS-GCMRC measurements.  Rapid ratings are based in order of four water levels:  Very Low(1,000-3,000 cfs), Low (3,000-9,000 cfs), Medium (9,000-16,000 cfs) and High (16,000-35,000 cfs).  The guide also includes camps that are commonly used and a sun and shade diagram that lets boaters know about when the shade will hit in the afternoon, and when the sunlight will hit the camp in the morning.

In addition to the river map the book is full of useful information about Geography, Geology, Human History, Biology, and Ecology.  Larry Stevens has a PhD in Zoology, and is a natural historian and river runner with 35 years engaged in ecological research in the American Southwest.

The Geography Section of the book engages the reader by introducing the Colorado Plateau region and explaining Spatial Scale.  A graph showing the average daily temperature and mean monthly precipitation is also included in this section.The section finishes up with some bleak predictions for the Colorado River because of Climate Change.

The Geology Section of the guide is very in depth and will keep the novice and seasoned geologist intrigued with its great diagrams and in depth information.  The geology section includes a diagram of geologic stratigraphy of the Grand Canyon, Landscape evolution paleographic illustrations by Ron Blakey, and a River Basin Development diagram.

The human history timeline of the Grand Canyon is another highlight of the book.  This timeline starts with the Paleoindian Period and ends at present day.  Find when Georgie White first experienced the river and when Verlen Kruger did the first non-motorized up run through the Grand Canyon.

The Biology and Ecology section has a lot of great information and pictures of the flora and fauna of the area.  It is especially interesting to see photos of all of the native fish of the Colorado River and read about the challenges they face.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions just got a new shipment of these books.  To order this new guidebook for the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River just visit the new Colorado River & Trail Expeditions Store.



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