Lower Grand Canyon 7 Day Motorized Spring Hiking Rafting Expedition


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7 Day Motorized Spring Hiking Rafting Expedition

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The emphasis on this 7-day spring motorized expedition is off-river hiking and exploration. Although we do a lot of hiking on our regular season Grand Canyon trips, the cooler temperatures at this time of year offer suitable conditions for long excursions in more remote areas. The “Lower” Grand Canyon trip covers approximately 190 miles on the Colorado River between Bright Angel Creek (Phantom Ranch area) and Lake Mead. You’ll have the opportunity to hike in many beautiful side canyons with cascading waterfalls, natural swimming pools, and lush vegetation. We will visit interesting historical sites, study unique geological features, and marvel at the ever-changing vistas and panoramas that are revealed at each twist and turn of the river. In addition to the amazing scenery and educational aspects of the trip, there is plenty of whitewater excitement, beginning on day one when we run the rapids of the famous Lower Granite Gorge. Later in the trip, you’ll run through Lava Falls, the Colorado’s biggest rapid. You'll also enjoy periods of profound peace as the rafts drift quietly through narrow corridors of polished granite.

Create new memories, experience the excitement, and explore the hidden wonders of the Grand Canyon with Colorado River & Trail Expeditions. We recommend our river rafting expeditions for anyone who wants to see the Grand Canyon. No previous whitewater rafting or camping experience is necessary. However, the required 9 mile hike from the South Rim to Phantom Ranch is strenuous and steep. Temperatures during the hike can swell to over 100 degrees. Call us now at 1-800-253-7328 to reserve your space or get answers to any questions you may have.

Lower Grand Canyon 7 Day Motorized Spring Hiking Rafting Expedition
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Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Spring Hiking & Rafting Special
The focus is on off-river hiking and exploration.

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Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Travel aboard our 37-foot motorized expedition raft

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Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

An oar trip in 18-foot rafts rowed by guides. Totally non-motorized. Paddle raft is available on a rotation basis.

About the Raft

About the raft used for the 7 Day Motorized Spring Hiking Rafting Expedition

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On these Grand Canyon river rafting trips guests travel in style aboard our 37′ rafts that are guided using quiet four stroke outboard engines.

Our Motorized rafts offer a slightly tamer ride through Grand Canyon’s rapids while still giving guests plenty of excitement. These trips are a great option for families and groups because 10-12 guests can ride on the same raft.

Our 37′ rafts are specially designed so everyone can take in a 360 degree view unlike some of our competitors whose boats are designed for guests to sit on one side of a gear pile on the raft.

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37' Motor Raft

Camping and Dining on the 7 Day Motorized Spring Hiking Rafting Expedition

Our meals consist of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. They are nutritious and delicious. Although we do not serve a “vegetarian” menu, we do provide enough fresh produce and non-meat items that most vegetarian dieters get along fine for the week they are on the river.

We are willing to try and help with special diet requests, but if your food options are very restrictive or require extra time or preparations we may not be able to accommodate you. Please give us a call to discuss your particular diet needs. We may suggest that you bring some of your own food items to supplement our menu.

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lydiah991 - Brainbridge Island
lydiah991 - Brainbridge Island
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Review
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Our group rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was such a positive experience from reservation to the take-out. Our rafting adventure was so well-coordinated and we felt confident in our delightful crew from the first rapid to the last. Delicious meals, great conversations, challenging hikes, and yummy desserts. The crew checked in with us regularly to make sure we were comfortable and were accommodating for various levels of abilities. We even had poetry read to us each morning before we started our day. Would I go again? Absolutely! Would there be a few things I would do differently? Absolutely! Less personal items (you won't be shampooing as often as you think), less clothing, and a few more layering pieces. Overall, this was truly a trip of a lifetime.
Eric S.
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Review
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I would just like to let you know how much we enjoyed our rafting trip! It was such a spectacular, once in a lifetime trip. Your staff should be commended. Their knowledge of the river and compassion is exceptional. They made this the most amazing trip that we have ever taken. I cannot possibly thank you entire crew enough.
Susie C.
Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Review
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I knew you were an original family run company and I think it showed. It was also part of the reason I chose your group when I started doing the research, as you were always so quick and helpful with your email replies. I figured it was likely to carry through to other parts of your company and it clearly does!
Dave F.
Desolation Canyon Rafting
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First to let you know that we had an exceptional trip through Desolation Canyon with Sybrena and her crew. Our guides made everyone so comfortable. From my wife sleeping under the stars, to daughter and grandkids challenging the rapids in the duckies. Could not have asked for more. Once again you (CRATE) exceeding my expectations.
Victoria Dowling | July 2018
Desolation Canyon
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You are all terrific professionals and CRATE is a first-class operations. After 3 Grand Canyon, 1 Cataract, and 1 Desolation trip with CRATE over the years, you’re clearly my go-to outfitter, and I will continue to talk CRATE and the western rivers and canyons up with all my friends in the northeast.
Authorized Concessionaire

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