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When visiting the Colorado River for day trips, vacation or if you are thinking of enjoying the Colorado River up close and personal it’s important to be prepared for the various weather conditions that might be present. Many times during the summer it will be sunny and warm, however there are times that we might see occasional rainstorms or cooler temperatures. 

The following chart shows averages of what to expect during the Grand Canyon Rafting season. Water temperatures for the river typically average 50 degrees year round. During hikes we can see waterfalls and side streams that can be much warmer.

Weather between the Rim and Colorado river can be different as most sources will report weather on the rim of the Grand Canyon and not along the river which is nearly 5,000 feet in elevation difference. 

The weather forecast provided is a general reference but is not specific based on the full area of rafting on the river. We recommend that you bring a rain suit that is two pieces and have it packed with your day items so that it is readily available for such weather conditions. We also recommend packing a hat to keep you more protected from the sun.

Grand Canyon – Inner Canyon Weather Stats

Month Average High Average Low Average Precip (in.)
March 71.0 46.1 0.80
April 82.6 54.8 0.48
May 91.3 62.4 0.37
June 101.4 71.0 0.37
July 106.3 76.8 0.83
August 102.6 74.0 1.59
September 97.6 68.1 0.81
October 85.8 58.4 0.68
Annual 81.8 51.8 8.44



Summer temperatures on the South Rim, at 7000 feet (2134m) are relatively pleasant 50s-80s° F (10-20° C). Thunderstorms frequently occur during July, August, and early September. Inner canyon temperatures are extreme. Daytime highs at the river, 5000 feet (1500m) below the rim, often exceed 105° F (40° C).


Winter conditions on the South Rim can be extreme. Be prepared for snow, icy roads and trails, and possible road closures. Roads on the South Rim are plowed when needed. Canyon views may be temporarily obscured by fog during passing storms. Entrance fees are not refundable because of weather conditions.

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall weather is unpredictable. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather at those times of year. May and October can be some of the driest months, although snowstorms may occur. Late April and May can be windy. Spring and fall can be the best times to be hiking in the canyon.

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