Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Rafting Down the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

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Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the best-known rafting expedition in the world. For nearly 300 miles the river flows freely through a mile-deep gorge of ever-changing views and vistas, revealing the history of the earth in its multicolored layers of rock. The rapids are legendary, ranging from playful riffles to white knuckle thrills. Side canyon hiking and off-river exploration will take you to places of wonder, where you can frolic in waterfalls, swim in turquoise pools, stand amazed upon scenic overlooks, or relish the cooling shade of slot canyons and hidden grottoes.

Full Grand Canyon Rafting Expeditions

Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry – 280 Miles

Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash – 190 Miles

Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch – 88 Miles

Phantom Ranch to Pearce Ferry – 192 Miles

Phantom Ranch to Whitmore Wash – 100 Miles

Whitmore Wash to Pearce Ferry – 90 Miles

Colorado River - Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

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Featured Grand Canyon Rafting Expeditions

Rafting Down the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Rafting

Our classic Grand Canyon rafting expedition. It offers ample time to see the sites and side canyons.

Grand Canyon Rafting

Grand Canyon Natural History Special
Emphasis on geology and off-river hiking to unique eco-zones and archaeological sites with professional naturalists.

Grand Canyon Rafting

Spring Hiking & Rafting Special
The focus is on off-river hiking and exploration.

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