Family Rafting Vacations

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“The Greatest Legacy We Can Leave Our Children Is Happy Memories.” – Og Mandino.

"Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures." — Lewis Carroll

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Ryan Y. - San Jose
Ryan Y. - San Jose
Perfect family trip!
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Went on a Desolation Canyon/Green River trip (6/13-6/17) with my wife and three kids, 13, 11, and 8 years old. Our entire experience was wonderful, and one we will always cherish. Our guides, Jonny, Jen, Ryann, and KC, were topnotch and went above and beyond to ensure all the little details that make a family vacation positive and memorable were met. Their professionalism, friendliness, and expertise were on full display throughout the trip. Their cooking skills were also first-class! I can't say enough about the outstanding experience with CRATE, from booking the trip with the office staff, to breaking down our gear at the warehouse, and everything in between. The Desolation Canyon trip was the perfect family camping/rafting/hiking/unplugging experience for us. We look forward to our next adventure with CRATE.

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Family Rafting Vacations

kids rafting Desolation Canyon“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling” – Shanti

A perfect family vacation should be a lifetime experience, allow for quality family interactions, and have a nice mix of activities and down time.  The destination should be family friendly and the itinerary should be fun for everyone.


Inflatable Kayaks Desolation CanyonRafting through Desolation Canyon is a great option for a family rafting trip for so many reasons.  It has all of the elements of a perfect family vacation.

Desolation Canyon defines what a wilderness river trip should be. It has it all: remoteness, rapids, steep walls, bears, Indian ruins, old-growth cottonwoods, and quiet.” – James Aton 

It’s a Lifetime Experience

Rafting on a remote river through dozens of rapids in a deep beautiful canyon is amazing, and that’s just the daytime.  Camping along the side of a river with the amazing night sky completes the experience.

Quality Family Time

How often in today’s busy world do families have each others undivided attention free from electronics?  On a river trip families have time to catch up and connect.  They wake up together, pack together, eat meals together, and fall asleep next to each other.


Yes–Rafting, Hiking, Setting up Camp, Swimming, Playing in the Sand, Paddling Rapids, Relaxing, Reading, Exploring, Learning, Discovering–To name a few.

Family Friendly

“Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our chidlren’s health (and also, by the way, in our own).”
― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

There is probably no better place in the world to take your kids than the outdoors.  The best memories are made from doing something with the people you love in a wilderness environment.  This particular trip is an extremely good fit for a family vacation because of the warm river, the big beaches, and the somewhat leisurely pace.

Fun For Everyone

This trip is great for all ages.  In addition to the exciting nature of camping and rafting,  and the time that can be spent relaxing, there is also a rich history along the river.  This area was used extensively by the native Americans.  It was passed through by John Wesley Powell in 1869, and later by many of the famous outlaws of the early 1900s.  The area is also interesting from a scientific viewpoint considering its geology, biology, and the importance of a river in such a dry landscape.

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Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Raft and Ranch Adventure

 The Grand Canyon, Great Activities and Easy Logistics-all from Las Vegas.

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Family Rafting Vacation Reccomendations

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Grand Canyon Rafting

Our classic Grand Canyon rafting expedition. It offers ample time to see the sites and side canyons.

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Desolation Canyon Rafting

The best multi-generational rafting trip you could find! Paddle your own inflatable kayak through over 30 fun rapids, or just sit back and relax.

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Cataract Canyon Rafting

With bigger rapids than the Grand Canyon during spring run-off, and great hiking and photography possibilities in the fall, Cataract Canyon is always a great option.

Lee Panorama Row Rigs Canyon IMGP3414
Grand Canyon Multi-Sport
Ranch & Raft Adventure

Grand Canyon Rafting combined with a stay at the Bar 10 Ranch.

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