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Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 226 ratings)

Cindy and Siomy

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing trip.

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing trip. The opportunity to raft the Colorado, see the Grand Canyon from the ground up was literally breathtaking every single day. Second, the trail expeditions were amazing. To be able to see the wonderful gems that the Canyon has to offer and see it’s real beauty and


Very professional company

I want to say during issues with 2020, CRATE has been the most professional company we have worked with in any business sense. We are in a group of about 30 planning to go in July, not everyone has been able to commit because of Covid but CRATE has guaranteed to make the trip safe


amazing custom trip down the Grand Canyon

We participated in a custom trip down the grand canyon last summer with Ben Reeder as our lead guide. It was an amazing experience, the guides were pros, and the food was delicious. They were endlessly enthusiastic and flexible taking us on hikes, exploring the area, and explaining the history. This was a really high


Epic River Trip with CRATE!

I recently completed the September 11-17 Bright Angel Canyon – Whitmore Wash trip with 8 of my friends, and 8 other (soon to be new friends).
I’ve done a lot of rafting and kayaking in my days, and this was by far the most fascinating, enjoyable, and fun trip I’ve ever done.

M. McGregor

Great Grand Canyon Experience

I completed the 11 day Grand Canyon rowing and paddle experience with CRATE in August 2019. Thanks to the CRATE crew for an excellent adventure along Colorado in the Grand Canyon. Ben Reeder and his crew did an excellent job! They are excellent boatmen and handle the rapids with professionalism and all the while making

Erin LH

Trip of a lifetime!!

There are possibly not enough words in the English language to accurately describe my first trip down the Grand Canyon! I can, however, say that being on the river with the Crate crew made this experience more extraordinary than expected. Ben, John, Jazlee, Jonah and Carter shared their love of ‘the river’ and it’s history

Scott F.

8-Day Colorado River Trip Thru the Grand Canyon

From the captains & crew to the boats, gear and meals…this was an absolutely spectacular trip! Just the right amount of roughing it with the exceptional service by the crew. Ben, Dewey, Eliot and Josh were fantastic…couldn’t have picked a better crew if I tried…and will request them again on my next trip! Ben &


Magical, grand adventure

Our group was amazing. The crew was expert and very accommodating to our needs. The meals were tasty and ample. I enjoyed the waterfall hikes even though I was not in the shape I should have been for a couple of the hikes. The crew made sure of our safety and encouraged us when needed.


Absolutely Go!

Our group rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was such a positive experience from reservation to the take-out. Our rafting adventure was so well-coordinated and we felt confident in our delightful crew from the first rapid to the last. Delicious meals, great conversations, challenging hikes, and yummy desserts. The crew checked in

Wendy F.

Phenomenal trip!

Our group of 24 people went on the 8 day raft trip from Lee’s Ferry to Pierce Ferry, Grand Canyon. It was the trip of a lifetime! The guides were experts and they worked incredibly hard to ensure we had a great adventure. Thank you CRATE!


love rafting with CRATE!

Fantastic 8-day motorized raft trip on the Colorado in May! Crew takes such good care of us and the food is wonderful. This was my 6th trip with CRATE and I will be going again.

Stephen W.

A+++ rafting and hiking adventure

We did the May trip on the Green and Colorado river through Canyonlands National Park. Highlight were the rapids in Cataract Canyon and the hiking in the Doll House.

Susan C.

5-star bucket list completion!

Fabulous views, information, hiking, food, folks, rafting=a 5-star bucket list completion, but, I want to go again! So much beauty & excitement wrapped into 9 days on the Colorado River with excellent guides that prepared delicious, unique meals! Don’t wait another year to make a decision! The Grand Canyon may change. CRATE is the only



WOW!!! If you are looking for an exciting, yet relaxing excursion in some of the most beautiful and remote wonders of the world…..LOOK…NO…FURTHER!!! Our friends at CRATE are top notch and won’t leave you disappointed…unless you just aren’t the adventurous type. The crew of always incredible – engaging, helpful, funny, accommodating, …, the list goes

Kevin M.

Cataract Canyon 7 day

Hello Ill just say, I am hooked on Colorado River and Trail Expeditions. This is my fourth adventure with them. This was a 7 day trip down the Green river to the Colorado and on to Lake Powell. The trip started in Moab airport where I met up with some of the crew and my

Jesus G.

6 Day Lower Canyon Adventure (4/15-20/2019)

27 years ago in April 1992 my wife and I did the Lee’s Ferry to Hoover dam expedition. Last year I suggested to our 4 kids (54-47) that it might be interesting to do it again and that I thought they would really like it. They could not do the full trip because of work

Janice M.

The only way to really see the Grand Canyon.

I had seen the Canyon from the South Rim and it wasn’t enough. I had taken the mule ride down to Phantom Ranch and dipped my feet into the Colorado River and saw more. But, the raft trip gives a totally different perspective. I was with fellow hiking club members from a senior community on

Savanna R.

The Most Epic Adventure with the Most Epic Crew!

Wow, I cannot say ENOUGH how amazing CRATE was for my August 2018 trip. I’ve always wanted to raft the Grand Canyon and I couldn’t imagine doing it without this family-owned company. From the amazing pre-trip orientation with Bonnie at our hotel in Vegas, the comfortable bus ride out to Fredonia and of course our

Daniel C.

One of the best trips of my life!

I can’t say enough good things about this trip, company, and their employees.
Myself and about 8 other folks just did a 5 day float with CRATE through the lower Grand Canyon. Their employees Walker and Bonnie were not only super nice, laid-back, and professional but also very knowledgeable about the canyon and answering


A 7 day Grand Canyon adventure – Lee’s Ferry to Whitmore wash. One of the most incredible experiences of my life!!!

CRATE is simply AWESOME! Incredible in every way! Our guides Walker, Bonnie and Adam showed great respect for the river and its surroundings and made sure that everyone had a great time! I can’t recommend them more highly!! It warms my heart to know that such a first class operation exists! I would be honored

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