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A Colorado River rafting trip through the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s must-do list. Nine days on the river, with the canyon layers unfolding ahead, with ventures into mini-paradises in the side canyons, with a good dousing by a rapid every few miles to cool us even in the August heat, with a deepening


Incredible quality, value, friendliness and HIKING!! * * * * * *

This trip deserves six stars! My three sons and I just finished a lower Grand Canyon trip with Colorado River and Trail Expeditions(CRATE). We hiked down from the south rim and joined a CRATE expedition at Phantom Ranch. There were AMAZING hikes EVERY DAY–to places that you see pictures of (sometimes!) but never knew anyone


Best adventure of a lifetime!

June 2-6. I am a land lover who finally went river rafting on Colorado River in Cataract Canyon with CRATE. Highly professional team of guides who make you feel like family. Safety a priority. Excellent equipment. They took care of everything: Cooked & served 3 fabulous meals per day; set up & took down camp;


Add “Raft Cataract Canyon” to Your Bucket List!

CRATE knows how to treat river rats! And they will encourage you to be a “mountain goat”, too! The total white-water rafting, hiking-to-waterfalls, fine-dining, camping-out-under-the-stars, and making-friends experience has been fine-tuned by the boatmen and boatwomen of CRATE. This was our third trip with CRATE….and it seems to get better and better. Their Cataract Trip


You’ll become part of the CRATE family on these adventures….!

We’ve gone with CRATE on three occasions: twice on the Colorado through Grand Canyon and once with a group of women on the Desolation Canyon trip. Absolutely world class, professional company. The organization of the trips, the food, the knowledgeable (and personable!) guides; they make it a family affair. Vicki and Dave MacKay have a


This trip should be on everyones bucket list.

There wasn’t a single boring moment to be found in the 10 days of floating down and hiking around the Grand Canyon. Our guides were top notch and quick to adjust to weather conditions, river conditions and guest comfort issues. On top of it all nobody stood a chance of going


Five Great Colorado River Trips with CRATE!!

Over the past 18 years, I have taken five trips with CRATE – three Lower Grand Canyon (hiking down, rafting out), one in Cataract Canyon and a eight day full Grand Canyon trip. Each one was a fantastic experience. Each trip had unique highlights and seemed to build on past experience. The Grand Canyon at


We went on a trip through Cataract Canyon that could not have been better.

When you get right down to it, a river trip like this is judged by the beauty (not in the hands of the company or guides- sorry,) the river guide crew, safety, thoroughness of logistics / planning, the food: -the things that are at least, in part, a function of the expedition company. Let me


Trip of a lifetime!!

Top-notch guided expeditions of the entire Grand Canyon and other prominent western rivers and canyon lands. Emphasis on hiking, exploring and natural history. Guides are very knowledgeable and personable; all have extensive (years) experience safely negotiating these formidable rapids. Comfortable rafts, excellent food………..nothing but a first class operation run by the McKay


Best thing I ever did with my money.

We took the 8 day full motor trip. The trip was great from start to finish, mainly because of the incredibly beauty you are surrounded by with a different amazing camp every night. The crew were incredible;, friendly, informative, caring qualified and handsome/beautiful people. The meals were AMAZING, the bathrooms weren’t nearly as bad as


In a place that is amazingly wonderous and spiritual, CRATE made the experience the trip of a lifetime.

I had been down the Colorado through Grand Canyon 20 years ago on a private expedition, and I had always hoped to get back there. At the suggestion of a friend, I organized the trip for a group of friends and family. We decided on the 8-Day Motorized trip so that we could see the


It doesn’t get any better!

Twelve of us took an 8-day, 280-mile rafting trip through the Grand Canyon guided by Colorado River & Trail Expeditions (CRATE) in July 2009. I don’t even know where to begin describing how absolutely incredible this trip was. The guides were AMAZING: knowledgeable about the canyon geology, history, etc; unbelievably skilled at rafting; and incredibly


Trip of a lifetime

Myself and a co-worker took an 8-day motorized white water raft trip through the Grand Canyon with CRATE in August, 2007. What a trip it was! Everyday was an adventure. The rafting was exciting and challenging, but hiking to waterfalls, creeks, ancient ruins, etc. really made each day better than the one before. Camping under


Rafting with CRATE

I took an 11 days rafting and paddling trip with CRATE this past summer, on the Colorado river along the Grand Canyon, and had an amazing trip. Their boats are fully equipped, food was great and their guides are fantastic with great knowledge of the history, geology and the surrounding of the river and the

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