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Best. Trip. Ever!

Our 7-day rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Lower part of the Grand Canyon was magnificent! The C.R.A.T.E. guides were superb in every way. The adventure was invigorating and challenging. Our group of six 50+ year olds were transported back in time, and we lived like 20 year olds for one magical week

Maurice R.

Best trip of my life without my wife!

Better than I expected, and that was quite a lot. Plenty of activity, excitement, hiking, rowing as well as attention from staff, from meals to entertainment. An experience I will never forget, and better than any before. Got to see the Grand Canyon from the

Daniel Y.

One of the Greatest weeks of my life

The staff at CRATE are amazing. Prepared for everything. Rafting was only part of the experience. Fantastic hiking, amazing food, beautiful campsites, and very, very talented guides. The staff provided insight, assistance, knowledge, entertainment, and much more. The equipment was first rate which was critical as we encountered storms which only added to the experience


It was wonderful ! We were so taken care of

The heat was over 100* on the river. They did a fantastic job of helping us manage the heat and have a good time. The trip was 1/2 day and I highly recommend it. Calm waters meant sitting comfortably and moving around with ease. We stopped and swam which was great even at 47*. The


Want to go back SOON!

This was the trip of a lifetime. We have already made plans to go back within the next 3 – 5 years for a full 11 day adventure. (working on babysitters) My advice, stop saying how you would really love to do it, and JUST DO IT!!! It will change your


CRATE rocks!

We went on the 8 day motorized Colorado River trip thru the Grand Canyon with Colorado River and Trail expeditions. I would go again with them without hesitation. It was a truly amazing trip. Our boatguides were the best, they know the river well,and always made sure we were having a great time, and kept

Judy M.

This was the trip of a lifetime!

We signed up for the Colorado River & Trail Expeditions (CRATE) 8-day motorized raft trip based on the facts that they were a family-owned and operated business with a great reputation and reasonable prices. My husband and I and our two friends were part of a 20-person 2-raft party guided by Walker, Mindy, Ben &


I would go again in a heartbeat!

We went on an 8-day Colorado River motorized raft trip and it was awesome. Every day was an adventure as we got up and on the river early so we could have maximum time for hiking side canyons. The food was great, campsites were spectacular, hikes were exhilarating, and our boatmen/guides did everything they could


First Class Professionalism and Courtesy

I have not yet had the pleasure of touring with CRATE. I did book a family trip on their 8day Grand Canyon tour but for a variety of reasons was not able to take the trip. However, I cannot say enough about the thoughtful care and courtesy that was the hallmark of all my communications


The BEST, Top-Notch, Highly Professional River Rafting Company!!

As a college professor, sometimes I just need to get-away so I joined the Colorado River & Trail Expeditions on their June 2011 Women’s Summer Solstice Retreat and had the most incredible four days (! Everything is done for you. From the moment we left Moab, Utah to the 84 miles of river we rafted


Crate – Colorado River & Trail Expeditions the best rafting company !

I came back a week ago from 2 rafting trips with CRATE. This time I went for 5 days of rafting in Desolation Canyon which were followed by 3 days of motor trip to Cataract Canyon. They have the best Crew/Guides, with so much knowledge, so nice and very helpful. Their equipment, food, safety, hikes,

Lina B.

CRATE is the best rafting/hiking experience you can have–and at the BEST PRICE!

Just finished 9 days of hiking and rafting the Green River with Colo. River and Trail Expeditions. This follows my trip of May 2010 down the Grand Canyon. CRATE continues to be the best hiking/rafting/camping experience imaginable. DEFINITELY try to use this company if you’re rafting Alaska, the Colorado, the Green River, etc. Family run


9 days on the Colorado River, lots to see, lots of fun, u gotta do it!

Great trip, great guides, sleeping under the stars(wow), great hikes. Don’t bring a lot of stuff with you, stick to their list, it is sufficient; however, DON’T Forget the hand


Something for your ‘bucket list,’ – but don’t leave it too late!

Grand Canyon with bells and whistles – great stay at the Bar 10, aerial views of the canyon, heli drop-off, rapids, scenery, great food and company, and enthusiasm! Made our trip to America. Thanks a bunch, Walker and

Philip N.

This was one of our BEST TRIPS!!!

What a great experience! We flew into the Bar 10 Ranch (partners with CRATE for this particular expedition type), got to sleep in a covered wagon, ride horses and ATVs. A helicopter brought us down to the river at Whitmore Wash the next morning…what a beautiful way to be introduced to the Grand Canyon! We


Five Days & Four Nights in Paradise

Spectacular scenery, wonderful weather and excellent camaraderie. What else is required for a perfect trip down the Colorado River? In a word CRATE. The folks at Colorado River and Trail Expeditions (CRATE) made this the trip of a lifetime for me. They have been doing this for 40 years. We took 14 folks on one


Family Trip on Desolation Canyon

About 10 years ago I bid at an environmental auction on a 5 day Desolation Canyon trip, thinking to take my mother. She developed Alzheimer’s Disease and I was never able to take her. I called CRATE and they voided the expiration date and there it sat past the year’s end. It was 10 years



If you like morning coffee, you might like to try a cup that the crew of Colorado River and Trails Expeditions brews every morning at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It’s good coffee and there is not a chance you’ll sleep through it. If you’re thinking about going on a river trip down Arizona’s


A Beaut Trip, A Beaut Location and Beaut Hosts !!

This is the third trip I have safely completed with this organization. Did I enjoy these trips? I wouldn’t have done the second and third if I didn’t. Some of the considerations a chap has to take on board before entrusting his life and well being to others . 1. Safety….. 10/10. Where large rapids


Awesome – the best

What more can I say – I have taken 17 trips with Colorado River & Trail over the past 31 years. Every trip they offer including both Alaska trips. Planing another Grand Canyon trip summer 2011 (my 7th). Their equipment is the best! The guides are outstanding! I would not consider any other


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