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Splash Into Summer

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions(CRATE) has availability on many of our rafting trips in 2024.  And we want your business!  This is a great year to reconnect with nature, get outside, and take advantage of these opportunities.   We specialize in multi-day guided rafting expeditions on the best rivers in North America.  These include the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon.  The Green River in Desolation Canyon and Canyonlands National Park.  And the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers in Glacier Bay National Park, Kluane National Park, Alaska and Canada.  CRATE is a veteran and family owned rafting company.   We use this to our advantage to provide a personalized experience on all of our river expeditions.  Our office staff is small, friendly, and can answer any and all questions you may have.  Our guide staff is experienced, knowledgable, kind, and professional.  We  prioritize the customer experience over all else.  And to top it all off CRATE offers substantial group and repeat customer discounts.

Here are 5 opportunities to make a splash in 2024

Grand Canyon Rafting-Colorado River  

Grand Canyon Splash
Splashing through the Grand Canyon on a 37′ Motorized raft.


We have space available on our June 1-8, 2024 and June 15-22, 2024 expeditions.

June is considered by many to be the best month for rafting the Grand Canyon.  The weather is typically hot during the day and generally pleasant at night.  In addition the river flows are higher in June than most other times of the year.  Rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon offers a breathtaking adventure unlike any other. As you float down the river towering canyon walls stretch thousands of feet into the sky, revealing layers of geological history etched over billions of years. The journey takes you through a landscape of stunning contrasts, from serene stretches of calm water to exhilarating rapids. Along the way, off river excursions will take you to hidden waterfalls, mind blowing views, historical sites, ancestral puebloan granaries, and wildlife, creating unforgettable moments at every turn. Whether you’re camping under the stars on the riverbank or hiking to hidden gems tucked away in side canyons, rafting the Grand Canyon offers a truly immersive and awe-inspiring experience that stays with you long after the journey ends.

Alaska-Tatshenshini River

Dave Mackay and Walker Mackay on Alsek Lake
Floating on the Calm Waters of Alsek Lake on a Tatshenshini Rafting Trip.


We have space available on our July 15-25, 2024 Tatshenshini Rafting Trip

Rafting the Tatshenshini River offers a wilderness adventure through the most stunning landscape in North America. Located in the remote and pristine landscape of the Alaska-Yukon-British Columbia border region, the Tatshenshini River carves its way through a whitewater filled narrow canyon, rugged mountains, ancient glaciers, and lush forests.

The Tatshenshini River is renowned for its untrammeled wilderness environment and abundant wildlife sightings.  It is common to encounter bald eagles soaring overhead, bears foraging along the riverbanks, and salmon spawning in the clear waters. The landscape is dotted with the towering peaks of the St. Elias Mountain Range, cascading waterfalls, and immense glaciers that calve into Alsek Lake, creating a dramatic backdrop for the journey.  The Tatshenshini River connects people  with some of the most pristine and awe-inspiring wilderness areas in North America.

Cataract Canyon and Canyonlands National Park-Green and Colorado Rivers

Cataract Canyon Motor Rig Big Drop 2
A wet ride through Big Drop 2 on a Cataract Canyon rafting trip.


We have space available on our May 16-20, 2024 Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip

Rafting through Cataract Canyon offers an unforgettable adventure through the red rock landscapes of the American Southwest.  This trip traverses the less traveled Green River side of Canyonlands National Park, and immerses the traveler in the rhythms of the river and place.  Some of the highlights of the trip include exploring the Turks Head, Hiking to the Dolls House, and running the exciting Big Drop Rapids.  This trip concludes with a scenic flight back to Moab, Utah at the conclusion of the expedition.

Desolation Canyon-Green River

Inflatable kayaker about to go swimming in one of the rapids of Desolation Canyon.
The thrill of maneuvering your own boat through the rapids of Desolation Canyon.


We have space available on our June 25-29, 2024 Desolation Canyon Rafting Trip

Desolation Canyon is considered a great option for families because of its perfect blend of adventure and accessibility for kids.  It contains scores of class II and III rapids interspersed with calmer stretches of water. This combination makes it perfect for challenging the river in one and two person inflatable duckies, or just sitting back and letting the guides do the work.  Additionally, the remote and pristine wilderness offers adventurers to unplug from their devices and connect with family to create memories that will last a lifetime.  Camping among the cottonwoods and playing on the sandy beaches takes this trip on the Green River to the top of family river fun.

Westwater Canyon-Colorado River

Last Chance Rapid in Westwater Canyon.
Last Chance Rapid in Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River.


We have space available on our August 2-3, Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

With its combination of exciting rapids, stunning scenery, and wildlife viewing opportunities, Westwater Canyon is the best overnight rafting trip on the Colorado River.  The trip begins just South of I-70 near the Utah/Colorado border at the Westwater Ranger Station.  Red Wingate Sandstone cliffs wrap the Colorado River and the Black Precambrian Metamorphic Rock creating a visually stunning landscape.  The rapids of Westwater Canyon are always exciting and have great descriptive names such as Funnel Falls, Sock-It-To-Me, Big Hummer, and Skull Rapid.   Beautiful campsites are scattered throughout the canyon, and are assigned before launch.







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