Instructions for Replacing the Tiller Handle on a Tohatsu MFS 30D

Instructions for Replacing the Tiller Handle on the Tohatsu MFS 30D


Step 1:  Remove the Upper Cowling by unhooking the latch at the back of the motor

Step 2:  Remove the (2) 10 mm bolts that hold the side cover piece

Step  3.  Remove the Rubber Grommet that holds the throttle cables and electrical wire from the tiller handle.

Step 4.  Pop the Rubber Cover off to reveal the tiller handle wire connections.

Step 5.  Carefully disconnect the tiller handle wire.

Step 6.  Disconnect the Throttle Wires From the engine by taking the bolt out connecting them to the powerhead.

Step 7.  Using 10 mm wrenches unhook the throttle wire nuts from their bracket.

Step 8.  Disconnect the ball Socket Joint connecting the throttle wire mechanism to the throttle body.

Step 9.  Disengage the shift handle from the tiller handle bracket.

Step 10.  Lastly  Remove the (2) 14 mm bolts holding the tiller handle bracket on.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions sells used and new Tohatsu MFS 30D outboard motors.  Their light weight and dependability make them our choice in the Grand Canyon rafting industry.  We stock used and new Tohatsu 30 D outboards.  Our sister company Mackay Marine is  an authorized Tohatsu dealer and carry a large selection of Tohatsu 30A, 30B, 30C, and 30D parts.  To discuss your outboard motor needs give us a call at 1-800-253-7328, or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

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