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Cataract Canyon

Throwback Thursday Photo/Toner, Parks, and Kimo September 2002

I took this photo in September of 2002 during a fall Colorado River & Trail Expeditions’ Canyonlands Hiking trip. The trips guides were John Toner, myself(Walker Mackay), Chris Parks, and Kimo Nelson. We had just finished a layover day at Upper Spanish Bottom and were rigging the boats in the

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Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon Rafting Trips -10 Things to Experience

Cataract Canyon and Canyonlands National Park comprise an area of unique beauty. It is a land of rock, spires, arches, buttes, mesas, and pinnacles. Every season in Canyonlands is different and every day brings new offerings. Below is a list of 10 things one might experience on a Cataract Canyon

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Cataract Canyon

Utah Rafting Predicted to Be Epic

The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center report released on January 16, 2017 predicts an incredible summer of rafting on Utah’s Green and Colorado Rivers. The latest model predicts the water supply at Green River, Utah will be greater than 130% of normal, and the Colorado River at Cisco, Utah will

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Colorado River Rafting

Life Magazine Infamous Lava Falls Photograph

The above photo, which has shown up in numerous books, on countless walls, and more recently on the internet comes from a special double issue of Life Magazine showcasing their photo contest of 1970. The issue was published on Christmas Day 1970. The photographer is Kenneth Klementis who was awarded

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Grand Canyon History

Fred Harvey’s Hermit Camp

Today at the office, we were looking at an old softcover book published by the Fred Harvey company called “The Story of the Grand Canyon.” The book was originally published in 1917, but our copy is a tenth edition published in 1926. On the cover of the book is a

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River Story

Another Grand Canyon Mystery with Unusual Suspects

It was an exchange day. We had all awoken an hour pre-dawn, made coffee, packed bags, cooked breakfast, taken down the kitchen and bathroom and were loading the last pieces of odd shaped gear onto our 3 small oar rafts and 1 paddle raft when Chad came up to me

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