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Record a Piece of River History From Your Trip

When we launched our new website recently, one of the things we hoped to do was build a page into it where guests could express through words, photos, and videos, a special moment from their trip.  On a multi day rafting trip there are so many amazing things that happen!   We remember the trip, but may forget a certain moment in time.  Our thought was to attempt to gather the perspective of a river trip from a variety of different people, on different rivers, at different times of the year.   We realized this would take time and effort from our guests, and plan on saving them as part of Colorado River & Trail Expeditions history.  In addition, the posts we find particularly interesting we plan to share on our blog.

We have always been interested in the history of river running, and think this will add a nice component to our webpage and the history of Colorado River & Trail Expeditions.  We still love hand written notes, letters, and photos, but thought this may be another way to remember all of the fun and exciting things that happen.  We are looking for some of our past guests to try this page out and give us some feedback on how we might be able to make it better and easier to use.

Go to this link:

Here is a stitched together screenshot of the page:




stitched screenshotsYou will be asked to fill out your name, date of trip, and e-mail.  A separate box will ask you for expedition you participated on.  You will later be given a chance to upload photos or videos.  Please let us know what you think.  Tell us better questions to ask.  This can be used as a review or as a recording of your trip.






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