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April 15-17 Grand Canyon trip still available!!


In the ideal world, everyone would have the time to participate in a Grand Canyon trip that covers every bend, rapid, and side canyon hike. Unfortunately, this world is not ideal, and not everyone enjoys camping for 7,8, 13, or more days that is necessary to see the entire canyon. This is where the short trip often referred to as the “Grand Canyon Ranch and Raft” or “Grand Canyon Multi-Sport” comes in.

Easy Logistics?

Yes, all-inclusive from Las Vegas.

Scenic Flight?

Yes, Las Vegas to the Bar 10 Ranch on the North Rim right over the lower portion of the Grand Canyon.

A day at a working ranch?

Yes, horseback riding, skeet shooting, and hiking are some of the activities available at the Bar 10 Ranch. The crew at the ranch puts on a great variety show for nightly entertainment, and accommodation options include a covered wagon.

Helicopter Ride?

Yes, right to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where our rafts will be patiently waiting.

What about the rafting?

Although it is true that the biggest rapids are upstream, this section still holds 6 or 7 formidable rapids, great views and some nice hiking opportunities. It is a really nice introduction to rafting the Grand Canyon. The one night camping is done on a sandbar along the Colorado River.

Anything Else?

After lunch the last day you will board a Jet Boat and speed off the upper sections of Lake Mead that have flooded the lower Grand Canyon. Motor Coach transportation is provided back to Las Vegas.

How Long is this trip?

Our rowing/paddle trips are 4 days long. The Motorized option can be completed in 3-days.

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