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“Excellent trip with an excellent crew. They all truly love their job. They are hard happy workers. They looked after our needs even if we didn’t think we needed it. The day we went to Havasu Creek as we were leaving it started to rain. My sister and I got wet before I had a

Pattie T.


We went on a 9 day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Our boatmen/women, Mikenna and Dewey were wonderful, accommodating, and most important, kept us all safe and happy. The hikes we took were to indescribably beautiful places, every one. So grateful to have had this

Judy L.

An experience of a lifetime!

This company could not have done more to make this an experience of a lifetime. Our boatmen and helpers were ALWAYS upbeat, extremely helpful, conscientious, and knowledgeable. They always did everything to try to accommodate our needs. We enjoyed those spectacular skies and that incredible river and its

Ruth H.

Trip of a lifetime

My wife, adult daughter, her friend and I recently took a 9 day/8 night trip through the Grand Canyon with CRATE. This is one one well organized and friendly outfit. We were met in Las Vegas. From there until our return, all our needs were met. CRATE staff showed us how to pack dry bags


Canyonlands and Cataract Canyon with Wayne Ranney

This trip began at Red Clifs Lodge on May 17th and ended on the 26th. It was “The Most Wonderful” trip EVER!! Not only did we experience some awesome Rapids, we had the, pleasure of a geological education of the rock formations and layers of many era’s. We had Wayne Ranney with us and included

Barbara C.

Green river rafting

I just got back from seven days on the Green River with a tremendous crew from CRATE. They are all professionals and know the canyon well. This is a very first class operation put on by first class people. I will be sending an email to create management commending the entire


Hike in / copter out rafting trip

It was an excellent and memorable experience. the people from CRATE did an amazing job guiding the trip. From their personal knowledge and years of experience to the enthusiasm they have for the canyon itself. They made the trip a complete

Stephen F.

Rafting and Hiking

Outstanding! Did 8 days and 7 nights in May 2015. Guides were amazing, views were spectacular, food was delicious, hikes were outstanding! The only thing I would have done differently is I would have brought rain pants to go with my rain jacket. Thanks, CRATE, for the trip of a

Aimee H.


Excellent company. Trip was well run and led to a spectacular time. Would recommend this trip to


3 day multi sport trip starting at Bar 10 to Lake Mead

Great trip. Extremely well organised. Staff were both professional and friendly. Felt challenged yet safe at all times. The food was very good and plenty of it. Sleeping under the stars with the river roaring by was an experience we will never

Tony G

Still can’t find the words…

Sore muscles, bruises, scrapes and general fatigue… AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! There is something very special about spending a week in the canyon, and I’m thrilled to have experienced this with CRATE. My husband and I joined the late April Spring Hiker’s trip starting at Phantom Ranch and ending at Lake Mead.


Fantastic Trip!

After years of dreaming about taking a Grand Canyon rafting trip my husband and I signed on with CRATE for their late April rafting/hiking special. We joined in at Phantom Ranch and began our 7 day adventure. Our leaders, Jon and Ben were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient and excellent cooks! We expected a fine ride


5-Day “Upper” Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch

I have to thank CRATE Inc. for another epic trip. This is really OMG stuff. Once again, I am home spinning from the memories, I will hold for the rest of my life. If you are thinking about this, all I can say is GO! This trip: Done April 2015, it’s cooler and more pleasant.

Chris S.

Breathtaking scenery, outstanding crew – need I say more?

I just returned from an 8 day trip running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with CRATE. Walker, Bonny, Mckenna and LG were brilliant; their knowledge of the history and geology of the canyon along with their commitment to our comfort made our time on and off the river educational, fun and surprisingly relaxing.


The Adventure of a Lifetime

We had the unique experience of running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, not only with the outstanding services of the CRATE crew, but also with renowned Grand Canyon Geology expert Wayne Ranney and ten professional geologists in Arizona for a convention in Tucson. For geology buffs like myself, this was pure heaven. And

Steve V.

Once in a Life Time Trip

The fantastic staff really make this trip the best it can be with their professional expertise and knowledge of the areas you will be in and they are easy to get to know. Went there in June of


2nd time with girls 20th anniversary

Went with CRATE a couple of years ago for the 2nd time rafting the Grand Canyon. Sold my wife to be 20+ years prior that we could go to Hawaii anytime and that our honeymoon may be the only time that we could raft down the Grand Canyon. So we spent our honeymoon on a


11-day river trip with oars and paddles

Our 14-member group of old friends and colleagues, and their young adult offspring, all veterans of magical river trips past–so standards were high–went together down the Colorado for the 11-day trip with CRATE in September. This is the email I sent to them afterward. Every word is true. Dear Vicki and Dave Mackay– You must

Neal Douglas E

CRATE’s Grand Canyon 11-day Paddle/Rowing Trip

We did the 11 day paddle/rowing trip, the 188 mile ride down the river (without the hum of motors). A river trip is a wonderful way to experience the Grand Canyon. Experience breathtaking hikes to side canyons, water falls, caverns, streams and Indian remains. Our group ages ranged from 9 to 70’s. Everyone had a


the best of the best

I have been river running and doing outdoor adventures for my whole life. I wanted to see the great river and wanted to see it start to finish not a part. It would be like reading a book and only reading part of it. I wanted a 8day 7 night float trip for the full


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