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White Water Rafting with a Personal Touch

Jane and I are still coming down from our white water rafting trip, which ended two weeks ago. We were on the Green River for 96 miles and six days, and for the first 80 miles or so there was no access to the river from the outside world at all. Okay, the trip leader

Todd B.

Very good rafting company.

At 40 I was expection to be one of the oldest ones on the raft. I did a 4 day upper trip and I was the 3rd youngest. The oldest being in their 70s. The guides were great. Everything was well organized. The food was great. I believe there was some grumblings of a lack


Best for customer focus and satisfaction

CRATE helped solve a potential problem before the trip even began! Throughout the trip they listened and responded to any and all issues, always focused on customer satisfaction. We consistently felt safe and cared


Grand Canyon Grand — CRATE is GREAT!

Rapids approaching … let’s keep this short … and no need to add much more than one more exclamation mark to all the superlatives in so many other reviews. CRATE is great — a family business and the smallest of the GC rafting outfitters — nothing but the best personalized treatment. One added tip: to


Truly one of my greatest experiences!

I’ve just read a “heads up” from CNN on how to distinguish Trip Advisor fake reviews from valid. One of the “bewares” was totally positive reviews. There has to be something not right about an experience. But honestly, I can’t think of it with CRATE’s trip. From special food and health considerations before the rafting


May 7-14 2016 Grand Canyon Rafting on the CO river

WOW! We participated in the raft trip as a group charter for 24 friends and two rafts and had Wayne Ranney as our geology guide. CRATE – we can’t sing your praises enough. Walker, Dewey, Zach and Christian were so professional, fun, and attentive! We had a wonderful time! I have specific dietary needs and

Janet W.

Grand Canyon Float Trip

Three old friends converged on Las Vegas last month from Vermont, Montana and South Carolina…not to hit the casinos, but to jump on a comfortable motor coach at 6 am for the drive through 3 states to Lees Ferry, Arizona, the put-in for our 8-day float trip on the Colorado River guided by Colorado River

Christopher C.

Full length, 8 day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon

Wonderful adventure all around. Saw 2 billion years of geography unfold before our eyes, hiked beautiful side canyons during the afternoons, ate wonderful meals, rode fun big rapids and enjoyed the serenity of the still waters, and slept on comfortable cots under bright stars. We all took pleasure in being on the river with a


A float through the millenia

Just came back from an 8 day float from Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Landing on a motorized S Raft. Traveling down 280 miles of rushing river, through 1.6 billion years of sculpted rock layers to the “present” is quite a trip in 8 days. Memorable camp sites with wonderful meals, cowboy coffee, super cots, Canyon

Eric O.

Grand Canyon rafting

Looking for a fantastic experience? Raft the Grand Canyon with CRATE. This summer we will make our 5th trip from Lee’s Ferry to Lake Mead. All of these trips were with CRATE. Over the past 35 years my husband & I have taken groups of people all over the world and have worked with many

Barb M.


We took a trip on the Colorado River during our helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, I must say I would definitely recommend this if you are planning to visit. I was able to sit on the side of the boat/raft and dangle my feet in the Colorado River it was an amazing experience and


Awe inspiring and Life Enriching

My wife and I just completed the 4-Day Grand Canyon Rafting and Ranch Trip and had a truly awe inspiring, memorable time. We have taken dozens of vacations all over the world and this experience certainly ranks among the best. The Bar 10 Ranch experience on Day 1 was fun – from sleeping in an


The BEST – 17 trips and counting

My first CRATE trip was in 1976. Have taken at least 16 additional trips with them, including both Alaska trips. Took my daughter when she was 10 and took my grandson when he turned 10. Have observed many other outfitters, CRATE is unquestionably the best … quality of gear, safety, sanitation, food variety and preparation.


Desolation Canyon rafting trip

Desolation Canyon could be a great family trip. River was nice but not like Grand Canyon. It is very enjoyable ride. As higher elevations weather is mild too. Guides are very professional and also friendly. They made my trip very memorable. This Canyon is highly recommended for family

Atsuko K.

Efficient, knowledgeable, thoughtful river guides

We went down the Green River through Desolation Canyon, and it was fantastic. The trip leader was excellent–she knew the river, kept everyone organized and on time, and safety was always first. All of the guides knew the geology and botany as well as a lot of great stories as we (okay, they!) rowed down


Whitewater rafting, hiking, and camping in Grand Canyon for 11 days-THE BEST!!!

This truly was a trip of a lifetime and CRATE did an amazing job! So well organized, GREAT GUIDES (Kyndyl, Adam, Carter, Jen, Zack, Nathan) and so much fun! They make you feel like you are part of the CRATE family taking a slow trip down the Canyon not in a group getting down the


Awesome 11 Day Grand Canyon Trip July 2015

I just came back from an 11 day Grand Canyon paddle and rowing trip with Colorado River and Trail Expeditions. What a number one company for touring the Grand Canyon. Our Crew, Kyndl, Adam, Jen, Carter, Zach and Nate were all friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and highly skilled in river running, cooking, hiking and Grand Canyon

Kevin M.

12 Day Loma to Hite Dories

Yeah! CRATE knows how to do this stuff. I’ve done trips with a lot of different outfitters and Walker Mackay and his crew are a cut above the rest. I’d definitely go boatin’ with them again. They got cool swag,

Tim P.

Excellent support for private,5-dory trip on upper Colorado

CRATE provided the support for a private, 12-day, 5-dory trip on the upper Colorado (from Loma, Colorado, to the head of Lake Powell: Horsethief, Ruby, Westwater, Cataract Canyons, and the relatively flat water from Westwater to Cataract); another outfitter was involved from put-in to Westwater. Staff were well-trained, friendly, and took good care of us.


Colorado River Rafting through the Grand Canyon

This is a fantastic way to experience the Colorado River and Grand Canyon on a very up close and personal level. This was a motorized rafting trip, motors are very quiet and the guides got us on 2-3 side canyon hikes a day that really made the trip from seeing waterfalls and caverns to enjoying


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