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“Experience the Grand Canyon Up Close and Personal”

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven world wonders and many marvels at its beauty from cliff edges. Now imagine getting to immerse yourself right in the heart of the canyon. That is what the Colorado River and Trail Expeditions create.

Offering one day to fourteen-day trips, Colorado River and Trail Expeditions takes you on wild white water rafting rides to show you the canyon-like you’ve never seen it before. Paddle, hike and explore the Grand Canyon floor in an exciting and unforgettable trip.

Providing quality trips for over 40 years, CRATE creates unique opportunities while providing you with camping gear, dry bags for your personal items, healthy meals, rafting equipment, and excellent guides.

Make a reservation for your summer trip on Colorado River and Trail Expedition website now!

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Rafting the Grand Canyon River with Colorado River & Trail Expeditions

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