2016 Rafting and Other Things: A Behind the Scenes Look at Colorado River & Trail Expeditions Part 3 of 4(July to September)

**July Rafting Trip 2016 **

July 6

Repairing our fleet of Achilles Inflatable Kayaks.







July 12

After flying 100 miles upstream along the Green River and landing on a primitive runway, soon to be rafters hike down toward Sandwash and the beginning of Desolation Canyon.









July 15

Incredible buttes, mesas, and plateaus abound along the Fisher Towers one day section of the Colorado River.








July 19

The Green River diversion dam as witnessed from an airplane en route to Sand Wash and Desolation Canyon. The new diversion dam in Green River Utah is complete with a boat passage that has made it possible for rafts to run the Dam.


August 10

A Muav Gorge rainstorm hit with full force including nickel size hail. Rafters said there were over 100 rimfalls in view at one corner of the river.











August 12

Veteran guide John Toner gathering ice from the Walker Glacier in Alaska. This year the Alsek had exceptionally high water related to the affects of global warming changing the drainage pattern of some key glaciers.









August 13

In order to prevent the spread of Aquatic Species including zebra and quagga mussels rafts are pressure washed with scolding 140 degree water at the conclusion of each trip. Boats are hoisted in order to decontaminate the inside and bottom.










August 24

What the day after a Grand Canyon trip typically looks like. Lots of cleaning, checking, washing, and drying.


September 2
Saddle Canyon had its second big flood in less than a month. The first flood occurred in early August and moved a boulder estimated at 50 tons.

September 15

Full moon rising the night before our last Grand Canyon trip pickup. This image is taken in Meadview, AZ.








September 26

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions ran a Westwater Canyon trip September 26-27. This trip marked the centennial of the first documented trip through Westwater Canyon conducted by Kolb and Loper on September 26-27, 1916. The water level was very similar to when Kolb and Loper ran it.













September 29

The last night of the river season at Ray’s Tavern in Green River, UT. A fitting end to CRATE’s 45th successful season.








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