Sunk Without a Sound


Sunk Without a Sound is the riveting tale of the search for Glen and Bessie Hyde.

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Sunk Without a Sound – The Tragic Colorado River Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde
by Brad Dimock

Glen and Bessie Hyde began their honeymoon trip down the Green and Colorado Rivers on October 20, 1928.  A month later they hiked to the rim of Grand Canyon, resupplied, and returned to their boat.  When they did not arrive at trip’s end, Glen’s father launched an exhaustive search for the lower Grand Canyon.  The Hydes’ crude Idaho sweep scow was found in calm water, fully loaded.  But Glen and Bessie had vanished without a trace.  So began the greatest mystery in the annals of whitewater navigation.

More than forty years later, in 1971, an older woman on a Grand Canyon river trip announced she was Bessie Hyde.  She said she had stabbed Glen, hiked out, and started a life anew.  In 1976 a skeleton thought to be Glen Hyde’s was found at the canyon rim with a bullet in the skull.  Since then, another suspected Glen and another Bessie have appeared, further convolution the myth of the Hydes.

Author and boatman Brad Dimock searched the country for the true story of the Hydes.  He followed each story and obscure lead to its end, evening going to the extreme of recreating the Hydes’ archaic craft for a harrowing trip through Grand Canyon with his own bride.

About the Author:
Brad Dimock was born in Ithaca, New York, and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Prescott College in central Arizona.  He proceeded to squander his education for more than twenty-five years as a commercial boatman in Grand Canyon and the rivers of Utah, Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.  He is no a writer and aspiring hermit living in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his lovely wife, boatman Jeri Ledbetter.  He has written for numerous magazines and laborated on The Doing of the Thing; the Brief, Brilliant Whitewater Career of Buzz Holmstrom, which won the National Outdoor Book Award in 1998.  This is his first full length book.

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