Beneath the Rim – A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon


Through breathtaking photos, award-winning natural history photographer Lockwood allows readers to embark on dizzying adventures through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.

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Beneath the Rim
A Photographic Journey through the Grand Canyon

by C.C. Lockwood, Louisiana State University Press

A “coffee table book” with brilliant photographs that enable the reader to share Lockwood’s adventures in the Grand Canyon, including riding a mule to Phantom Ranch, trout fishing in Nankoweap Creek, hiking in Matkatamiba Canyon, running the rapids of the Colorado River, and more. A favorite of our guides (especially those who are featured in some of the photographs).

In 1989, when award-winning nature photographer C.C. Lockwood headed west on a shoot, a friend in Kanab, Utah, insisted that he photograph a Grand Canyon sunset from the Colorado River.  Thus, this ardent adventurer made his first trip down that waterway, from Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Ferry, and discovered the splendor of the Grand Canyon from the perspective of a boatman.

His curiosity piqued, Lockwood began teaching photography workshops for a Colorado River expedition company, eventually making more than a dozen trips down the rushing, rapids-laced stream.  He was fascinated with his surroundings: the subtle differences between Soap Creek Rapid, Serpentine Rapid, and Crystal Rapid became apparent, as did the fine line that differentiates Muav Limestone from Redwall Limestone.  Gradually, every bend in the river was imparted with meaning.



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