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“All My Rivers Are Gone” is an exciting trip to a magical place. It is a must for all those who care about rivers and our environment.” —Dan Beard, former Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (1993-95)

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All My Rivers Are Gone: A Journey of Discovery through Glen Canyon
by Katie Lee and Introduction by Terry Tempest Williams

In 1963, the Colorado River was dammed at Glen Canyon, creating Lake Powell while flooding a great natural wonder. Like thousands of environmentalists, Lee would like to see Lake Powell drained and Glen Canyon restored. She writes poetically and soulfully of her years as a river runner in the 1950s and of the beauty, solitude, and excitement of a wild place visited by very few. As a folksinger and Hollywood performer in the late 1950s and early 1960s, she protested the damming of the river to no avail. In response to a letter she wrote, Sen. Barry Goldwater observed that Arizona’s need for power and water required the dam and praised the reservoir’s potential for recreation and beauty. That being the predominant mindset throughout Western expansion, it now seems surprising that there is support, in the form of the Sierra Club and Glen Canyon Institute, for the dismantling of some dams and water projects and that the people involved in the original works now think they may have been wrong.

“Katie Lee is a joyful raconteur, a woman with grit, grace, and humor. She is not afraid to laugh and tease, cajole, and flirt, cuss, rant, howl, sing and cry. Katie Lee is the desert’s lover, her voice is a torch in the wilderness.” TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS, from the Introduction

“The only important element missing from this book is the sound of Katie Lee’s voice singing her superb river songs; songs that tell us where sh has come from — right out of the Colorado River itself. Read this book and learn what we have lost in the drowning of Glen Canyon; read this book and be inspired to fight for its restoration.” DAVID R. BROWER

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