Grand Canyon Geology


This sketch of Grand Canyon geology is prefect for the first-time visitor or the seasoned Grand Canyon traveler.  It includes sections on the geologic record at Grand Canyon, regional geology, plate tectonics, and the Colorado River.  It offers a fresh new approach with an emphasis on basic geologic principles.

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Grand Canyon Geology
by L. Greer Price

This overview of Grand Canyon geology is perfect for the first-time visitor or the seasoned Grand Canyon traveler. Chapters cover the basic principles of geology, the history of geological exploration at Grand Canyon, the canyon’s structural features, and the Colorado River. Includes over 70 photos and illustrations, an index, and glossary.
64 pages, softcover, 7″x9″
The science of geology is one of history and process: the history of our planet, and the processes that have shaped it. It seeks to answer three very fundamental questions: What happened here? How did it happen? and How long ago? It differs from most other sciences in that it concerns itself a great with with the past. But the issue of process – How did it happen? – is central to all science.
About the Author:
Greer Price received his graduate degree in geology from Washington University in St. Louis.  He worked for seven years as a professional geologist, and spent ten years with the National Park Service, most of it at Grand Canyon.  His career has involved teaching, writing, and field work throughout much of North America.  He is currently director, chief editor, and senior geologist at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources in Socorro, New Mexico.

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