2016 Rafting and Other Things: A Behind the Scenes Look at Colorado River & Trail Expeditions Part 2 of 4(April to June)

**April Rafting Trip 2016**

April 6

Raft in water at Lees Ferry
First Boat in the Water and awaiting passengers.







April 17

Best Western McCarran Hotel Las Vegas
Taking a look at the Best Western McCarran Inn, Las Vegas. This is the Hotel our guests stay at prior to departing on the Grand Canyon.








April 20

Skid Steer in Fredonia AZ
Clearing and Cleaning Warehouse Grounds for new Solar Dryer.








April 21

Drip System Irrigation Arizona
Laying 2200′ of Drip System irrigation for future trees around the CRATE Fredonia Bunkhouse.


May 5

Coconino County Health Inspector
Yearly inspection from the Coconino County Health Inspector. He was great and we were able to discuss questions with him.











May 10

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions Rafts
Two Boats down in the bottom of the Grand Canyon facilitating a quick loop hike between Escalante and 75 mile canyons.








May 15

Ghost Truck
Ghost Truck shadow from one of our Truck and Trailers hauling a raft back to Fredonia from Pearce Ferry.








May 31

Boats at the Moab Bridge Ramp
Colorado River & Trail Expeditions raft at the Moab Bridge getting ready to brave the rapids of Cataract Canyon. NPS jetboat is in the background.


June 20

Smokey sky at the Little Colorado River
Smoke from forest fires on the North Rim distorts the visibility of the Sun near the Little Colorado River.








June 21

Camp set-up on the summer solstice.
Camping early on the Summer Solstice.







June 23

Night game of washers
A night game of washers during a 3-day Ranch and Raft Grand Canyon trip.








June 28

Green River Boat Flip Drill
Practicing flip drills during a CRATE river rescue class at Swasey’s Beach on the Green River.









If you missed it be sure to check out Part 1 (January, February, March)

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