2016 Rafting and Other Things: A Behind the Scenes Look at Colorado River & Trail Expeditions Part 1 of 4(January to March)


**January Rafting Trip 2016**

January 1

Avon RIB
David Mackay inspects our newly purchased Avon Rigid Inflatable Boat.








January 4

Cleaned Avon Rib
Some Cleaning and Patching and our used Avon has now become our Rescue Boat.








January 9

Outdoor Retail Show 2016
Outdoor Retailer 2016. Kaicia models the Tree-Pod. The tree-pod was a crowd funded project that was one of the Gear Award winners at the Outdoor Retail Show.











January 13

Chicken Line
An attempt at hunting down the original chicken line rope on the Avon Rescue Boat. Yes the rope was found.


February 5

A day at the office to go renew and practice our CPR and AED knowledge.








February 11

David Mackay Eyes Military FC470 Assault Boat arrives. It will also be a rescue boat at Colorado River & Trail Expeditions.











February 23

Bears and Boatman
Yeti Bear Coozys discovered at Scheels. Reminds us of a few Bear stories we have had over the years.








February 29

View from Murray Utah
The view outside the Colorado River & Trail Expeditions office. Mount Olympus, IHC Hospital, and the Frontrunner.


March 2

Rally to Protect Federal Land in Utah
Rallying to protect Federal Lands in Utah.







March 21

Oar Sleeve
David Mackay stretching oar sleeve to put on new oar to replace one broken in House Rock Rapid.








March 23

Loaded River Trailer
Truck and Trailers loaded for the trip to Fredonia. Let the River Season Begin.








March 28

Broken Waterline
Digging down to fix a broken Bunkhouse Waterline.








March 31

Shiprock Hotel Fredonia, AZ
John Toner and Walker Mackay in front of the burning embers of the Shiprock Motel. The Shiprock Motel was next to the Fredonia Warehouse and was burned down as a test exercise for the Fredonia Fire Department after being condemned.

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