What’s Nature Worth?


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What’s Nature Worth: Narrative Expressions of Environmental Values
Edited by Terre Satterfield and Scott Slovic


Based on either written or oral interviews with a dozen prominent environmental writers, What’s Nature Worth? explores how the economic and policy discussions regarding the value or nature and the environment.  These diverse points of view demonstrate that environmental values are complex, rich and deeply felt – far more so than mainstream economic methodology would have us believe.  There is general consensus among the contributors that the narrative form allows for an exploration of the richness of what it means to value nature without being preachy or didactic.  Following the interviews with the twelves authors, examples of their work demonstrate how indirect expressions of value, in teh words of Allison Hawthorne Deming, have an “emotional hue” that can replenish the energy depleted by the coldness of cost-benefit arguments.


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