Maps of the Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers


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Maps of the Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers
Approcahing Walker Glacier, lower Alsek River

Drawn to scale directly from topographic maps, the entire Alsek River was reduced to fit on one sheet.  The Tatshenshini River was oriented to also fit in its entirety on the reverse side, providing convenient reference to both rivers.
Alsek River: 1:400,000 scale
Tatshenshini River: 1:250,000 scale

Majority of the data for these maps was compiled from the following 1:250,000 scale maps:
USGS Maps:
Yakutat, N5900-W13800 / 60X180
Mt. Fairweather, N5800-W13600 / 60X150
Canadian Maps:
Mt. St. Elias – 115B & 115 C
Dezadeash – 115A
Tatshenshini River – 114P

Cloudburst Productions makes no guarantees in regard to the contents or accuracy of these maps and shall not be held liable for any mishaps resulting from their use.

About Cloudburst Productions:
Cloudburst Productions is owned and operated by Russell Lyman who lives in the S.E. Alaska town of Haines, where he draws inspiration from the majestic Saint Elias and Coast Range Mountains which surround him.

Hand-drawn Maps!
The artwork for Russ’ maps is done by hand, providing a unique old-time look. Great effort is taken to draw the maps to scale so they not only look good but are accurate as well. The Alsek map was drawn DIRECTLY from the topographic maps.

Tree-Free Paper!
Due to my love of the natural world and concern for the future of our environment, I use Tree-free paper whenever possible. Depending on what is available when a product goes to press, it may consist of blends of tree-free fibers such as hemp, sugarcane, or 100% post-consumer recycled (no virgin tree fiber). The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini River, although not on ‘tree-free’ paper, is printed on recycled paper. Vegetable-based inks are used whenever possible.

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