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EDWARD O - Helena
EDWARD O - Helena
An Amazing Adventure!
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Words are not adequate to describe the week-long trip my husband, friends and I made down the Colorado River with CRATE. The crew, a family affair, made the difference with Capt Walker's expertise, and his sister, Bonnie, and brother-in-law, Adam's fabulous food, and attention to the amenities that can make or break a trip. Adam's geology background made him the perfect guide as we rafted through the Grand Canyon and hiked up side canyons. There were many Bighorn sheep, Blue Herons, migratory ducks, and even a wild turkey. I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves nature and the unexpected, and is willing to "unplug" for a week.

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All rafting trips are operating in Utah and Grand Canyon in 2021.
Alaska Rafting trips are cancelled for the 2021 season.

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COVID-19 Update (6-25-21)

CRATE is committed to practices that will keep our guests and crew healthy and safe throughout the rafting season. Prior to coming on a river trip, we encourage you to vaccinate, mask up, maintain social distancing and schedule a COVID-19 test if needed.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions, Inc. (CRATE) will implement health and safety protocols to mitigate to the greatest possible degree, the spread or outbreak of, and/or exposure of guests and employees to the COVID-19 Pandemic virus and other contagions during the operations of our backcountry rafting expeditions. We may update or modify our plan as new information or directives are provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Coconino County Health Department, Southeast Utah Health Department, the National Park Service (NPS), and/or state and local government entities.

For more information please call (801) 253-7328 or e-mail [email protected] for additional details.

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